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Multi Mit™

Thermal Touchscreen Gloves

Thermal Touchscreen Gloves

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Introducing the Multi Mit Glove by Peak Degrees, your ultimate companion for outdoor adventures in chilly weather. These gloves are more than just an accessory – they're a game-changer that combines innovation, warmth, and connectivity. With a dual-layered design, the Multi Mit Glove ensures your hands remain toasty and dry throughout your journeys.
  • Winter Wear, Reinvented: Experience the Multi Mit Glove's dual-layered warmth and touchscreen convenience during outdoor escapades. Multi Mit is the ultimate winter glove for the modern individual who wants to stay connected while keeping you warm. With three retractable fingertips that are secured with built-in magnets, you will become the most versatile winter warrior conquering the cold.

  • Adapt to the Elements: Retractable fingertips on the middle, index, and thumb with a thin yet durable dual layer protect you from the elements and still allow a seamless transition between warmth and touchscreen use for versatile performance on or off the mountain. No need to double up on gloves to stay warm or use your phone, Multi Mit was designed to provide all of the features you are looking for in one modern winter glove.

  • Innovative Comfort: Crafted with soft and insulating materials, these gloves prioritize coziness while maintaining flexibility. Offering a waterproof shell and 3M Thinsulate insulation, Multi Mit will provide hours of warmth and convenience whether you are walking to work, skiing down the Rocky Mountains, snowmobiling across the wilderness, or hunting in poor conditions.

  • Switch Up Your Game: From snowboarding to hiking, easily switch between full coverage and touchscreen access for modern versatility. If you have ever lost your glove on a hike or dropped a glove on the chair lift, Multi Mit allows you to keep your glove on for more nimble tasks. If you must take your glove off we built in elastic wrist straps so that if you do drop your glove it is still securely connected to you.

  • Functional Style: Perfect balance of style and performance, ideal for those who demand the best from their winter accessories. Multi Mit offers a perfect balance between functionality and comfort, making it the ideal accessory for those who demand both style and performance. Multi Mit is the ideal winter gloves for women and men, offering a sleek black shell while providing the essential performance you need to stay warm against the elements.

The outer layer, featuring durable and water-resistant material, shields you from the elements. On the inside, a soft and insulating layer provides a cozy haven, enabling you to face cold weather with comfort. What truly sets the Multi Mit Glove apart is its retractable fingertips feature. Seamlessly switch between full hand coverage and touchscreen access in mere seconds.

Whether you're capturing breathtaking photos on the slopes or responding to important calls, these gloves offer a level of convenience you won't want to go without. Stay warm and connected with the Multi Mit Glove – where innovation meets comfort, and convenience meets style.

Embrace a new era of winter wear that adapts to your lifestyle, ensuring you're always ready to conquer your next adventure.

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